An open letter to Glen Oaks Village President Bob Friedrich’s Oct. 20-26 letter to the editor “E-mail disguised as birthday celebration”:

I am one of those ordinary folks who received an invitation to state Sen. Tony Avella’s (D-Bayside) 60th birthday celebration. I was relieved to know what I could bring, as I would never dream of showing up to a party without a gift.

I guess not wanting a political career makes me see things differently. Was your letter genuine or just another one of your tries at a political position?

How many years is it now that you are president of Glen Oaks Village — about 26? I guess you do not have term limits at your co-op. Since one of Avella’s top campaign issues is to bring term limits to Albany, I could see where the two of you may not agree.

I am also a shareholder and wonder if having political desires is in the best interest of the co-op. In your campaigns, you seem to stand strong against incumbent politicians, which you then later need.

Is a board working in the best interest of its shareholders when it does more than bring in all candidates as speakers come election time?

Maybe your North East Queens Co-Op/Condo Presidents Council could discuss implementing term limits in their communities as well as a code of ethics as to exactly what side business a board president/director can engage in.

A clear understanding of fiduciary responsibilities would be of great help to a shareholder.

Barbara Leonardi

North Shore Towers

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