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Graphic by Jay Lane
Graphic by Jay Lane

RFK’s son Douglas Kennedy charged for endangering 3-day-old son

Douglas Kennedy, the son of Robert F. Kennedy, was charged with child endangerment and fighting with two maternity nurses after they blocked him from taking his three-day old baby boy out of a Westchester hospital. The Camelot heir claims he was taking the infant boy, Boru, out for some fresh air on Jan. 7 as his wife, Molly, recuperated from a Caesarean section, according to a source close to the family.   Read More: Daily News

Empire State Building refused to honor Cardinal Dolan with red-lights tribute

The Empire State Building refused to honor Timothy Cardinal Dolan — setting off a torrent of outrage against the iconic structure that has honored everything from athletes to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In 2009, the building even honored the 60th anniversary of China’s communist takeover of China. But this week, they showed no love for Dolan — a global ambassador for New York City. Religious leaders, politicians and city-dwellers are seeing red.  Read More: Daily News

Baby-faced ‘killer’

He looks more like a high- school Poindexter than a psycho killer. The jilted New Jersey man charged with repeatedly running over his girlfriend with his car on a busy street was icy calm during a brief hearing in Queens yesterday before he was hauled off to the Garden State. The 5-foot-6, 160-pound Charles Ann refused to answer reporters’ questions about why he allegedly mowed down Aena Hong on Monday with his 2011 Hyundai Sonata.  Read More: NY Post

Low-ranking teacher inspired ‘Simpsons’ bully

He’s not only a model for one of the meanest bullies on “The Simpsons,” but he’s arguably one of the worst teachers in New York City. Dolph Timmerman — who attended high school with “Simpsons” creator Matt Groening and was the inspiration for Dolph, the slouching schoolyard bully who tortures Bart on the animated comedy — was ranked in the bottom 1 percent of all city math teachers and the bottom 12 percent of English teachers in 2010, according to data released yesterday.  Read More: NY Post

4 Detectives Suspected of Drinking on the Job

Four New York City police detectives have been placed on desk duty and stripped of their guns and badges amid claims that they drank alcohol at a Washington Heights restaurant while on duty last week, according to a law enforcement official and the detectives’ lawyer. In addition, the official said that one of the detectives was being investigated by the police Internal Affairs Bureau to determine if he sexually assaulted a waitress there — or if he paid for sex with her.  Read More: NY Times

On Trip to Queens, Road-Testing a Plan for Conventions

There they were, two strangers in a Subaru, puzzling over a GPS device as they idled on a street corner in South Ozone Park, Queens, in the shadow of the Aqueduct racetrack. To think, just an hour ago they had been in Manhattan, taking in lingerie and fashion expositions.  Read More: NY Times

Holy Cross HS beats Bishop Loughlin HS, 60-57, to win CHSAA Brooklyn/Queens Diocesan title

Holy Cross Coach Paul Gilvary rarely altered his expression on the sideline during Friday’s CHSAA Brooklyn/Queens ‘AA’ championship game with Bishop Loughlin. When his team fell behind by 12 points early in the second quarter, he held firm, even though things looked grim against the highly athletic Lions.  Read More: Daily News


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