Photos courtesy of Chad Weisser
Chad Weisser's "LIC Tiny Planet"

Making his way to Long Island City from the Upper East Side, self-taught photographer Chad Weisser looked for a location where he could immerse himself in the arts and get away from the new Second Avenue subway line.

“I wanted to be in an art-friendly area,” said Weisser. “After lots of searching, LIC was a great place to move and just one stop to Grand Central – it was ideal.”

Five years ago Weisser decided to pick up a camera and start shooting what he would see around him. Preferring cityscapes, landscapes and real estate photography, Weisser took what he would see around him and produced art.

Weisser creates what are known as “tiny planets,” a process which involves taking a 360 degree photo and using “a little magic” in Photoshop to create the look of a planet.

“LIC Tiny Planet” shows the contrast of the old Long Island City railroad structures versus the new and the new high-rises that now represent Long Island City, said Weisser. A view of Manhattan and the East River can also be seen in the photograph.

Weisser hopes to one day find his photographs hanging in the lobbies of the high-rises he photographs in order for the residents to see what Long Island City represents and its overall beauty.




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