By Joe Hartigan

The mayor’s announcement regarding citywide ferry service is not fair or good news for Rockaway residents.

We want ferry service running by this spring. This type of announcement is exactly what happened before Bloomberg’s third election run, which resulted in us getting a slow and inconvenient fishing boat ferry service. 2017 is a mayoral election year. In the meantime, what happened to the game changer money, Weiner money and the New York Rising money (approximately $55 million)? How come Staten Island already received $10 million in additional funding for expanded ferry service and their service is still free? Did Staten Island residents wait three years for this funding?

The mayor is telling a tale of two boroughs — one gets to commute for free and one gets nothing. It is also a tale of two countries — even foreign visitors get to ride the Staten Island ferry for free.

The money for the Rockaway ferry is already in place. The ferry service should be implemented immediately. We’ve waited long enough. Specifically, what have our local, state, federal and borough elected representatives done to demand ferry service now? Given the fact that some will stand up and take credit for this “transportation improvement” why are they not insisting that it be launched immediately?

It is very interesting to note that the $55 million total for the new citywide ferry service equals the total of the funds (Weiner, game changer and NY Rising), which is Rockaway’s money for ferry service.

Let’s have a “thanks for nothing rally”! Why do we have to wait almost three years for improved transportation when there is a bid in place right now? Diesel fuel prices are very low and there are several operators interested in providing the service.

Furthermore, there are low profile vessels that will fit under the train bridge, allowing a ferry service/shuttle to Far Rockaway beginning tomorrow. If the mayor tells any resident that ferry service is not possible by spring 2015, please send me a e-mail joehartigan@aol.com If the Rockaway politicians can show up to at least ten rallies and collect 13,000 petition signatures, surely they should have no problem getting the ferry service operational by this spring.

I don’t understand why Rockaway residents are going to wait almost three years to get the same ferry service back that was discontinued.

Why is every day in Rockaway Ground Hog Day with this mayor? What is next for Rockaway the carriage horses from Central Park to get to work?

Joe Hartigan

Far Rockaway

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