Felicia Greenberg's whimsical creations are impressively intricate and lifelike
Photo by Jeanine Boubli, courtesy of Felicia Greenberg

Have you ever seen a poodle sculpted out of silk flowers? How about a shih tzu?

New York-based visual artist Felicia C. Greenberg will be debuting her Floral Pet Sculpture Exhibition at the Kennel Club’s Meet and Compete event at Pier 92/94 in Manhattan this Saturday.

The exhibition is a precursor to the 140-year-old Westminster Kennel Club’s annual dog show and competition, which will be held on Feb. 15 and 16 at the pier.

Felicia is the owner of Table Art & Event Designs, where she produces masterful artworks of silk and wire for special events, parties and weddings. Her commissions range from wedding centerpieces and bouquets to pet likenesses for enamored owners.

The process is time-consuming and intricate, first with the sculpting and creation of a wire frame foundation, then the placement and arrangement of individual silk flowers.

Greenberg is a sculptor, painter and custom designer, with experience in costume restoration from her time at the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as fresh-flower arrangements and pastry décor. Her theatrical production experience shines through in her surreal and whimsical pieces. She is inspired by Victorian elegance, and often embellishes her work with vintage fabrics and trims to give it a magical quality.

The meticulous detail of her sculptures has garnered her widespread recognition by a number of high-profile media outlets and publications including The Wall Street Journal and Newsday. She has been featured on a number of pet radio shows including News 12 CT’s “Pet Talk” and the national talk show “Talkin’ Pets.”

This year’s tableau will feature Borzoi flappers and a Queen Shih Tzu primping in a French boudoir, dressed for a masquerade evening on the town.

In addition to her own booth, Greenberg will celebrate her second consecutive year as the featured artist for the Bergamasco Sheepdog Club Booth. Her sculpture of this unique breed features thousands of tiny silk flowers to form the dog’s dreadlocks. The lifelike quality of this sculpture won the booth Best in Show last year.

Felicia will be at the show to present and talk about her work, as well as to answer questions and take special commissions.


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