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A 54-year-old Jamaica man was arrested Tuesday after his 11-year-old grandson was caught with a loaded handgun at school, authorities said.

The handgun contained a single bullet and was discovered in the grandson’s backpack at school, according to a statement given by police on Wednesday.

Officers from the 103rd Precinct were called to the Samuel Huntington Elementary School located on Union Hall Street in Jamaica at 1:15 p.m. when staff discovered the black 9mm Hi-Point in the boy’s possession. It was fellow students who had tipped school security officers off about the gun in the backpack, which the 11-year-old had hidden behind coats in a classroom closet.

Police learned that the grandfather, Kenneth Miley, who lives just a couple of blocks away from the school, kept the gun in his room beneath his bed.

The grandfather’s lawyer, Richard Kopacz, says the gun doesn’t belong to his client and that “he found it in the backyard,” according to the published reports.

Facing 15 years if convicted, Miley told police he found the gun and was planning on dropping it off at the station. Two additional rounds of live ammunition were discovered beneath his bed.

The grandfather was ordered held on $30,000 bond over $25,000 cash bail after appearing in court Wednesday on charges of criminal possession of a weapon, endangering the welfare of a child and reckless endangerment, police say.

According to court records, the boy told police he was adept at loading and unloading the gun. The 11-year-old has not been charged. School officials say students’ families have been notified of the incident.

“This is incredibly disturbing and nothing is more important than the safety of all students and staff,” said city Education Department spokeswoman Toya Holness.


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joe March 17, 2016 / 06:20PM
BAD JAMAICA GRANDPA (KENNETH MILEY) ARRESTED AFTER STUPID FIFTH GRADE GRANDSON BROUGHT LOADED GUN TO SCHOOL HE STOLE FROM GRAMPS Jamaica certainly knows how to breed idiots and a-holes. A stupid Jamaica fifth grader brought a loaded Hi-Point .380 semi-automatic weapon from under his grandfather’s bed to to PS40. Of course Miley’s attorney, Richard Kopacz stated “The gun doesn’t belong to my client, he found it in the backyard” and Miley told cops he had planned to drop it off at a police station house. SURE he found the gun in his backyard and two additional live rounds of ammunition and SURE he was going to drop it off at the police station. But what does it matter whether he found it or not, his judgement sucks. Miley, YOU are a f**king a-hole. You have some dopey 5th grade grandson living with you and you put a gun under your bed, where the little idiot can easily get it. Yes, you are a major f**king a-hole. Now let me hear from the low-class Jamaica crowd, who knows the Miley family and will make a million excuses about what a wonderful grandfather he was, etc, etc. and you know, maybe he is, but he is also a stupid a-hole. But Jamaica folks can make a tons of excuses for the bad behavior of their idiot resident Jamaica, certainly knows who to breed stupidity of the highest level. My blog pretty much writes itself with the crap load of material from this crap community. https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/
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brian March 17, 2016 / 21:14PM
Yes Grandpa made a bad decision to have a loaded gun in his home with children around. Joe u do u think people in other communities { i mean all white communities & have guns in their homes for protection} there aren't armed also? But hearing your tone of anger, u were probably a victim of black assault or just a straight up Racist!

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