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Do you own a car in Queens and go through the daily ordeal of looking for a parking spot? Then this app could seriously change your life. Queens College students are already raving about it.

Mobile app SpotPog aims to reduce traffic congestion by allowing users to swap public parking spaces as well as to rent private driveways and commercial garages. The platform also hopes to improve air quality and partners with locally based community organizations, business groups and charities.


During this March Madness season, the app has collaborated with the Queens College Student Association to promote “Park Madness.” Students who used the app were entered into “Park Madness” raffle for Amazon gift cards and movie tickets.

The drivers who are looking for a parking spot can simply press the icon of parked users, which initiates an exchange. Once the driver leaves their parking spot, they receive a “Pog” credit that can be used later to find a new vacancy.

SpotPog also enables users to rent their driveways to other members for a fee. Owners can simply arrange their driveway availability and set the desired amount.

According to its founder Jacques Blinbaum, “SpotPog is all about making parking easier by bringing people together.” He elaborated on the busy Flushing area, “Queens College students desperately need better parking around their campus and SpotPog is happy to use our technology to help.”

The app is accessible to both Apple and Android phones.

Photo: Courtesy of SpotPog

Photo courtesy of SpotPog




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