The 105th Precinct headquarters in Queens Village is quite a distance from many area residents
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Two Queens politicians are looking to ease the burden of police officers.

Councilmen Barry Grodenchik and Donovan Richards introduced a resolution calling on Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton to split the 105th Precinct into two standalone commands.

The 105th Precinct covers most of the area along the Queens-Nassau border, running from Queens Village and North Shore Towers in the north to John F. Kennedy Airport and Rosedale in the south.

Currently, the precinct serves over 188,000 residents, 80,000 more than the average New York City precinct. This overcrowding in the 105th has led to the slowest 911 response time when responding to serious crimes in progress, compared to neighboring precincts. The 105th covers the fourth-largest geographic area of all the city’s precincts, with a territory about half the size of Manhattan Island.

The community has been petitioning for a new precinct for over 35 years, with little response. Back in 2012, state Senator Tony Avella introduced legislation aiming to subdivide the 105th and 109th precincts in order to better distribute the burden on the region’s officers and to improve response times for residents.

The city offered a mild concession to eastern Queens in 2007, opening the 105th Precinct Satellite in Rosedale. The satellite, positioned in the southern portion of the precinct, was meant to relieve response times for residents who live far away from the precinct headquarters in Queens Village.

Just a month ago, the satellite expanded to a 24-hour operation by adding 18 additional officers and two sergeants. Grodenchik praised the city’s dedication to increasing police presence, but insisted this satellite was not enough.

This resolution is the continuation of Grodenchik’s fight for additional police resources in his district. Richards noted that resources were inadequate considering the taxes residents in the area pay, particularly in the Laurelton, Rosedale, and Springfield Gardens communities.

“Safe streets are the bedrock of any community,” Grodenchik insisted. “We need a new precinct to ensure that all residents of the communities served by the 105th Precinct know that help is just a call away.”


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