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A variety of specialty slices at Mario's Pizzeria in Rosedale.

Many Queens restaurants come and go but Mario’s Pizzeria remains a pillar of the Rosedale community for over 40 years. The neighborhood veteran offers an outstanding variety of pizza with excellent customer service to match.

Owner Mario Burriesci migrated from Sicily in 1961 and started working as a barber at age 14. He later embraced the family business of owning Italian restaurants that were scattered throughout the city since the 1960’s.

Mario’s family member established Paula Pizza in Rosedale in 1974, and Mario took it over in 1980 renaming it “Mario’s Pizzeria.” Ever since, the restaurant has solidified its presence on the booming Francis Lewis Boulevard with loyal customers and top notch pizza.

QNS photo

QNS photo

“For me, business-wise… my customers are great,” Burriesci chuckled. “I never had any problems, they respect me. That’s why I’ve been here so long,” he explained.

Although the “Franny Lew” strip has more chain restaurants than ever before, including Subway, Popeyes Louisiana Chicken and Checkers, Burriesci enjoys the competition.

“Believe it or not, it’s better. The competition sometimes is better because more people give you more business. Before it was nothing but for me, it’s great,” said the Mario’s Pizzeria owner.

The pizza shop serves a plethora of specialty slices like eggplant, chicken parmesan, chicken and broccoli, Sicilian, grandma slices and the most popular Buffalo chicken pizza. A regular slice is now $2.50, specialty slices are $3.75 and pies may start from $13 and tax depending on your toppings. Customers often munch on Mario’s tasty pepperoni bites and garlic knots, as well as beef patties and chicken rolls.

Burriesci sums up his success in the following words, “Good service, most of the people come back and the quality is what keeps you in business,” he said.

“I use good quality ingredients. My recipe is the same since I’ve opened up. It’s consistent. The main thing is service, good quality and I never tried to use any cheap stuff. Nothing is frozen, everything is made fresh,” Burriesci added in reference to his pizza’s distinctive taste and great customer service.

No matter how you slice it, the precious Mario’s Pizzeria will always be a fixture in the Rosedale community.

QNS Photo

QNS Photo

QNS Photo

QNS Photo

Mario’s Pizzeria, 244-10 Francis Lewis Blvd, Rosedale, NY 11422, (718) 527-4600


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