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Enjoy homegrown beer, and unlimited rays of sunshine at the exact same time.

The Rockaway Brewing Company’s (RBC) soon to be launched pop-up beach beer garden La Playa in Ridgewood is not the only project hitting Queens this summer. The Long Island City-based brewery will also be temporarily implementing a beachside bar in the company’s original home of Far Rockaway.

The beachside bar, located on Beach 67th Street, will provide an ambiance transported straight from the tropics to Rockaway beach. Imagine experiencing the taste of freshly made lager topped off with the luxurious feel of an ocean breeze, right here in Queens!

Upon returning to their Far Rockaway roots, RBC will also be featuring a tasting site located on 415 Beach 72nd St. Here customers will have the opportunity to enjoy a range of beers from the company’s patented “Rockaway Esb” to their specialty brews.

RBC is fully aware of the current demand for handcrafted beer and they are set on meeting the needs of the people.

As of next year, RBC hopes that the tasting site will become a staple of the neighborhood, after it is officially converted into the second of the RBC’s breweries. Once this second brewery is up and running, the RBC’s production is expected to triple in number.

Co-founder Marcus Burnett could not be happier about this decision. “Locally brewed beer just tastes better and that’s what the people want,” he told QNS. “It took us three years to find a place in Rockaway and now that we’re finally back, it’s a dream come true.”


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