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Changes will be made to the postal service in Kew Gardens Hills.

Mail service improvements in Kew Gardens Hills have been signed, sealed and delivered by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).

Congresswoman Grace Meng announced on May 5 that the USPS is addressing numerous complaints her office received from residents about unsatisfactory mail delivery service by the Kew Gardens Hills Post Office, located at 75-23 Main St.

Meng relayed the complaints to U.S. Postmaster General Megan Brennan in March. The lawmaker learned that the post office experienced delivery and collection backlog caused by January’s record-breaking blizzard in Queens.

In addition to the blizzard backlog, the Postal Service attributed mail problems to a shortage of employees, resulting from freezing weather conditions and usual absences. The agency also cited delivery delays due to alternative carriers – assigned to the area to reduce the backlog – who were unfamiliar with the routes and situations of Kew Gardens Hills customers.

According to Meng, the agency’s response stated that the delay has been cleared, along with new operational and management changes to alleviate delivery issues. A new customer service manager has been assigned to the Kew Gardens Hills Post Office and six new carriers have been permanently hired to help staffing demands.

“Residents of Kew Gardens Hills depend heavily on their mail and they deserve reliable and quality service,” Meng said in a press release. “I thank affected constituents for raising this issue with Assemblyman [Michael] Simanowitz and me so that we were able to address the problem, and I appreciate the Postal Service for taking action to fix it. I look forward to mail being delivered in a dependable and effective manner for all residents of Kew Gardens Hills.”

Meng’s announcement also cited that the Postal Service already recognizes an improvement in delivery performance, resulting from these changes.

“Our community depends on reliable mail service for its homes and many small businesses,” Simanowitz added. “Working with Congresswomen Meng, we were able to come to a resolution with the Postal Service to address issues raised by our constituents. I am confident that their response will result in the efficient and dependable service our residents deserve.”



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Danny Ruscillo May 08, 2016 / 01:26PM
USPS you have a long way to go for better service. As a Community leader I can't believe how many times I had to contact representatives at your agency for so many different problems. Contacting the Post Office was very easy but taking care of so many problems at your end either never happens or takes very long. Upper management needs to be trained better or I can actually see the Post Office going out of business.

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