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Call them the dirty half-dozen.

Six alleged johns — including a 77-year-old man — were picked up by police in Ridgewood on Saturday night in the latest sex sale sting near the Brooklyn/Queens border, police announced on Tuesday.

According to authorities, the six individuals visited the vicinity of Cypress Avenue and Starr Street on the evening of May 14 and offered between $20 and $40 in cash for sex acts from undercover 104th Precinct officers posing as prostitutes.

The six men — identified as Jon Brenka, 77, of Middle Village; Manuel Chunzho, 33, of Brooklyn; Robert Chrzanowski, 40, of Maspeth; Alex Chari, 43, of Ridgewood; Angel Hurtado, 44, of Ridgewood; and Raul Valdez, 60, of Maspeth — were taken into custody on charges of patronizing a prostitute.

So far this year, the 104th Precinct has made 17 arrests in “Operation Losing Proposition” stings in the area of Cypress Avenue and Starr Street. The NYPD initiative aims to eliminate illegal sex sales in areas across the city that community residents claim are hotbeds for prostitution.

“We’ve been hitting the area pretty much every week,” said a law enforcement source with knowledge of the sting operations. “Until [the johns] get the idea, we’re going to be there.”


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Harvey Wachtel May 18, 2016 / 11:08AM
Another waste of time and resources, and criminal records for people who aren't a threat to anyone or anything. Arrest the pimps and regulate the prostitutes.

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Mysta Frank Forgetaboutit May 17, 2016 / 02:53PM
Seriously? Stings like this are like shooting fish in a barrel! With all the illegal activity like drugs and violence, this entrapment is a priority?
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Michael G. Klein May 17, 2016 / 14:24PM
How are they being charged with patronizing a prostitute when there were no prostitutes, only undercover cops??????

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