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If MTA cannot do anything about the bus delays, they hope that at least passengers will spend their trips more effectively thanks to the free Wi-Fi and charging ports.

Last Tuesday, MTA rolled out the first batch of the new bus fleet that features Wi-Fi and USB charging ports. Seventy-five buses will serve Richmond Hill, South Jamaica, South Ozone Park, Springfield Gardens, Rosedale and Far Rockaway. The remaining 2,042 buses will be added by 2020, replacing nearly 40 percent of the current bus fleet.

The new buses touted as “Millennial-friendly” and “state-of-the-art” with “European flair” are supposed to help the passengers to spend their often endless time on the bus effectively.

QNS took a ride this week to test out the Wi-Fi and charging ports and can report that both work flawlessly.

The bus driver Andy Rodriguez told us, “It’s gonna be effective in the sense where it’s gonna alleviate other buses and the crowds. People are gonna be less frustrated and operators as well so overall it’s good for everyone.”

“I think this is fabulous … everyone on a bus has a phone in their hands” one person commented on our Facebook post about the new buses.

However, not everybody shared the same excitement. Brokelyn listed 25 things Millennials actually want from the MTA before the Wi-Fi and charging ports, which included buses arriving near their schedule as well as countdown clocks.

Many other people took on to Twitter to share their perspective on MTA’s technological advancement.

“Absurdity of prioritizing USB charging over a properly-funded system that doesn’t need multi-year shutdowns is infuriating,” Mark D Beazley tweeted.

“Misguided idea. Muggings for tech devices and fights over use of the charging ports will become major problems,” CEO BUCCS wrote.



Bus with a “European flare.”



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Pedro Valdez Rivera Jr. June 03, 2016 / 09:37PM
Great for my generation with technology; even better for the homeless while thinking that these newer buses are like the second home to them.

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