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Target has officially opened up on 70-00 Austin St., Forest Hills, on Wednesday, July 20. The discount giant has replaced Barnes and Nobles, which closed in December.

This new Target is following a “flexible-format” strategy, which means that the store is smaller and it caters to specific needs of their local customers by featuring apparel and accessories from local sports teams. The store even offers a New York Collection called Local Pride by Todd Snyder. This is the first flexible-format Target in New York. The store has signed a 15-year lease on its Forest Hills location.

Target also provides fresh groceries, a variety of men’s and women’s apparel and accessories, health and beauty products, Target mobile and tech accessories, baby and children’s products, home items, and a CVS pharmacy.

Forest Hills’ Target is housed on two levels of 21,000 square feet and it was designed with the needs of the community in mind, according to the store representative.

The customer feedback was mixed.

One man said, “So far, it’s good” and another admitted that having Target in the neighborhood is convenient.

However, not all customers were entirely happy with the newcomer.

“It’s okay. It’s just a little unnecessary since they have one in Rego Park,” said Raven Rothberg.

“I’m pissed off with it. They cut down four trees to make this place. A lot of people are mad. There is no bookstore in Queens. This store does not belong in this neighborhood,” complained an angry customer. Queens does have one physical bookstore, the Astoria Bookshop. Also, a trio of former Barnes & Noble employees have set plans in motion to open another independently owned bookstore in Queens.

Six other Target flexible-format locations are opening soon in Tribeca, Downtown Brooklyn at City Point, Elmont, N.Y., Freeport, N.Y., and Closer, N.J.









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Jes Sica July 27, 2016 / 03:34PM
Really not a fan. This smaller store is awkward on the first level, and odd mix of clothing, a small home goods section, upper level is a bit better than the lower level but after price checking items, seems as if this Target inflated prices of identical items I can buy anywhere else in Forest Hills. Disappointed that this is what replaced Barnes and Noble. Just another big box store full of garbage that people don't need. I would have loved to see a Whole Foods, or a Wegmans move in. There is a full Target literally a mile down the road. This is completely unnecessary.

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Brian Rafferty July 24, 2016 / 10:35AM
Barnes and Noble - not Nobles.

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