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Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Party boats at the World's Fair Marina are keeping Whitestone and College Point residents up at night.

For months, Whitestone and College Point residents have been looking for answers regarding a loud, pulsing noise keeping them up at night. They finally got them at a civic meeting Wednesday evening.

Deputy Inspector Judith Harrison, commanding officer of the 109th Precinct, was on hand at this month’s We Love Whitestone civic meeting on Sept. 21 to discuss the origin of the disruptive noise.


“We had some complaints of noise emanating from outside the confines of the 109th Precinct,” said Harrison. “We found the source of the noise: the noise is at the World’s Fair Marina, which is in the confines of the 110th Precinct.”

The World’s Fair Marina is a public marina on Flushing Bay at the northern edge of Flushing-Meadows Corona Park. It is owned by the NYC Parks Department. Harrison said that most of the noise is coming from the marina’s parking lot, where individuals have been known to gather and hold parties.

“They drink, they smoke, they play loud music. And the loud music travels across the water,” said Harrison.

She also attributed some of the noise to party boats, who may continue to play loud music before leaving or after docking.

Harrison said she has worked directly with her counterpart in the 110th Precinct, Deputy Inspector Christopher Manson, to try and address the issue. She also said the 109th Precinct has reached out to the Parks Department and the dock manager to try and figure out what can be done to alleviate the problem.

The 110th Precinct has taken action to curb the problems at the marina, the deputy inspector reported. Since July 1, the precinct issued 58 criminal court summonses to individuals congregating in the lot and has made 3 arrests.

Still, residents say that more must be done.

“There needs to be some kind of crowd-control in getting those people to leave immediately,” said one civic member. “Continuously, on a continuous basis: not just this weekend, next weekend. It has to be on continuous; they have to know they have to rush and get out.”

“I don’t think anybody has a problem with music going on the weekend at nine, 10, 11 o’çlock at night,” said another member. “But when it’s going on at five, six in the morning on a Tuesday or Wednesday — kids have to get up for school.”

Harrison encouraged community members to continue contacting the precinct with concerns and assured them that the issue will continue to be on the precinct’s radar.

“Your problems are our problems,” said Harrison. “Once you let us know that something is a concern of yours, it’s a concern of ours.”


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Annmarie Saukas December 08, 2016 / 02:27PM
This stuff never happened when my father ran the snack bar at Pier 1. The city took over and look at what happened. My father was the one who ran people out who played music and also told the cruise ships to cut the music at a certain time. Even when my father was alive doing all of this for the Worlds Fair because he loved it, they still didn't appreciate it. So saddening to see it become this, If I could I would try to run it again in a heart beat. Sorry this is happening to the community, my father would not be happy. Respectfully, Annmarie Kiefer, Peter Kiefers' Daughter.
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IFrag June 18, 2017 / 22:30PM
It's Sunday 6/18/17 at 10:15pm and the loud music is back from last year. Made a 311 complaint. Hope it helps.

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