Photos courtesy of the NYC Parks Department
City officials breaking ground on a new construction project in Bowne Park.

A Flushing park will soon feature $1.5 million in playground improvements.

Bowne Park — an 11-acre space bounded by 29th and 32nd avenues and 155th and 159th streets — is undergoing construction of a new play area, which will feature climbing equipment for children aged 2-5 and 6-12, a spray shower with a turtle theme, painted games, new swings and a full renovation of the park’s basketball courts. Plans also include installation of new benches throughout the park.

The park already features a bocce court, park house and pond which is home to a family of turtles.

City officials officially broke ground at the construction site last Thursday, Oct. 20.

“To have an outstanding city, you’ve got to start with great public spaces,” Parks Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver said. “Bowne Park is an 11-acre oasis in Flushing, where people come to enjoy nature, spend time with their families, and connect with their neighbors. We’re proud to bring new play equipment here that will enhance the park’s natural wonders, and challenge the imaginations of our neighborhood kids.”

The project was funded with $1 million from Borough President Melinda Katz and $500,000 from City Councilman Paul Vallone. Construction is expected to be complete in fall 2017.

“Bowne Park has always been a gem in North Flushing and these wonderfully inspired upgrades will be enjoyed by children and their families for years to come,” Vallone said. “I look forward to working with the community and the Parks Department to ensure this project and its continued development moves swiftly.”

The comfort station within the park is also currently being reconstructed under a separate project and a new filtration system for the pond is currently in the design phase.


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EMILY October 24, 2016 / 11:36PM
Great news! I wonder though if they will address the 3 main issues the previous playground had: The young child play structure was several hundred feet away from the older kid structure (a nightmare if you have kids of different ages); no fence around play area; and no benches in the shade near the play area. I took my kids to that playground twice a week for a year and no one ever approached me, or to my knowledge the other regular parents there, about our insights to the playground.

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