Photo courtesy of Councilman Barry Grodenchik
Lawmakers announced on Thursday that funding has been secured to improve two play areas in Bellerose.

It’s been a long time coming, but the city will finally begin making improvements to the schoolyard at P.S. 133 and the nearby Bellerose Playground.

Several Queens lawmakers gathered outside P.S. 133 on Thursday afternoon to announce the projects’ funding. The previous City Council member representing the area, Mark S. Weprin, had allocated $800,000 toward renovations before he resigned in June 2015. In the recently enacted city budget, Borough President Melinda Katz and Councilman Barry S. Grodenchik added $4.4 million, collectively, to fully fund the renovation of both properties.


“Much needed repairs to P.S. 133 schoolyard and the adjacent Bellerose Playground are now fully funded and on their way to fruition,” Katz said. “Thanks to capital investment of public dollars, the children and families of Bellerose can look forward to an upgraded schoolyard and playground.”

Grodenchik said he would soon hold a public visioning meeting with the School Construction Authority and the New York City Parks Department to gather community input about the plans for the new park and playground.

“This is a huge win for the community, and I look forward to working with the local residents in determining what needs to be done to beautify this school yard and playground,” Grodenchik said.


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