Let’s go off script for a while.

Three cagey comedians – Lucy Avery Brooke, Katha Cato, and Joe Perce – will present Just the Three of Us, an interactive night of improvisational theater, at the Made In Queens space at 27-24 Queens Plaza South in Long Island City on Wednesday, Nov. 30, at 7 p.m.

Consider it a make-your-own-joke night or maybe a humor pop-up shop. During the entire act, the trio will react to audience suggestions and participation.

“Everyone should bring their imagination,” suggested Cato, who is well-known in the borough these days as the director of the Queens World Film Festival.

In line with the night’s on-the-spot theme, Perce, Brooke and Cato have never worked together, but they all are accomplished improvisation experts whose lives have been entangled for the past three decades.

Back in the 1980s, they were involved with the three big improvisation troupes in Manhattan: First Amendment, Chicago City Limits, and For Play. Perce was in First Amendment, and he rocked the downtown scene in a basement performance space. Brooke was a celebrated member of Chicago City Limits, which had a home on the Upper East Side and a full touring schedule. Meanwhile, Cato was directing For Play, which had Friday night gigs in Greenwich Village before moving to The Producers’ Club in Times Square in 1989. (That same year, New York Post theater critic Bill Ervolino described Cato and Perce as “the most exciting improvisers in NYC.”)

So it’s kind of a reunion for artists who worked in different troupes at the same time in the same city and in the same genre. How will it go? Nobody knows, but Cato is encouraging wine consumption.

“The more you drink the funnier we are,” she said.


Lucy Avery Brooke, Katha Cato, and Joe Perce (l-to-r) shake, bake, and make jokes out of thin air.


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