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The curry chicken dish at Curry Bo — one of three new eateries in the Queens Crossing food court.

A Flushing mall welcomed three exciting new international eateries to its space this Wednesday.

The newly redesigned food hall on the second floor of Queens Crossing — located at 136-17 39th Ave — was unveiled to the public on Dec. 7.

The renovated area features room for nine individual restaurants. Three eateries have already moved in and are ready to serve up tasty international bites to customers.

Curry Bo, headed by renowned Japanese chef Takanori Akiyama, offers classic Japanese comfort food. Akiyama’s curry dishes feature his signature roux — which is aged for two weeks for a greater depth of flavor and took 15 years and 19 spices to perfect — and are offered in vegetable, chicken, sausage, steak and potato options. Dishes at Curry Bo range from $8 to $11 and include a side of rice and Japanese pickles.



Young Street Poke Co. is led by Hawaii native and restaurateur Natalie Graham. The eatery offers varieties of Hawaiian poke, which is a raw fish salad unique to the area. Though Young Street specializes in poke don, customers can fully customize bowls to their liking. Pre-designed dishes include the Big Island Classic with ahi tuna, onions, scallions, cucumber and seaweed marinated in soy sauce and the Picante with ahi tuna, onions, tomato, red radish, cilantro and a jalapeño sauce. They cost $11 each.



Happy Lemon, a Taiwanese specialty drink chain, also opened up in the food court. Founded in 2006, Happy Lemon serves Taiwanese bubble tea, custom drinks and cheese-enriched smoothies in over 100 cities around the world. Signature drinks include the classic Taiwanese milk tea and a salted cheese bubble tea, which are $4 each.

Restaurants for the food court were chosen by Helen Lee, executive vice president of F&T Group — the Flushing-based international developer behind Queens Crossing.


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Arline Abdalian December 13, 2016 / 09:51AM
I had the vegetable croquette dish at Curry Bo on Sunday Dec 11 for $9.50 plus tax. Overpriced and not tasty. The roux was the only decent thing, but not worth $9.50 plus tax. The vegetable croquette was another disappointment. The plate was big, but consisted mainly of white rice. $9.50 plus tax for a big bowl of white rice is a lot of money. A very big disappointment, and I will not be eating there again.

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