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With the dawn of the new year, a gated co-op at the Queens/Nassau border became the largest cooperative in New York City to implement smoke-free protections.

On Jan. 1, bylaws banning smoking within enclosed areas at North Shore Towers officially went into effect.


“Effective Jan. 1, 2017, the Lessee nor anyone else occupying or visiting shareholders apartments shall not be permitted to smoke any cigarettes, cigars, pipes or other substance in the apartment, terrace or balcony,” the amendment reads.

Smoking is not permitted within the enclosed areas of the co-op, including hallways, stairwells, lounges, cardrooms or the garage. The co-op arcade, courtyard and laundromat are also included in the smoking ban.

In an effort to accommodate residents or visitors who still wish to smoke, several areas throughout the exterior area of the co-op buildings have been designated as “smoking areas.” These areas include the golf course, the outside terrace area of the country club, the rear exit and circle area of the Towers on the Green restaurant, a section by the outdoor pool, the employee parking lot and others. Each designated smoking area has been outfitted with a receptacle for cigarette butts.

The cooperative’s smoke-free protections were announced at a press conference at the co-op on Dec. 19 after a nearly two-month campaign led by resident volunteers to educate tenants and encourage them to vote.

The amendment was passed after a 88 percent voter turnout by co-op shareholders — with 73 percent of those shareholders voting in favor of the bylaws.

North Shore Towers is a luxury, gated co-op community with 1,844 apartments within three buildings on 110 acres of land.


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