These entertainers dazzle with fantastic Sstage antics, great Ssound, and fluid Ssexual identities.

SsingSsing will transform Flushing Town Hall on Friday, Jan. 6, at 8 p.m. This high-energy ensemble consists of six Korean artists who meld elements of rock-n-roll with traditional Asian folk ballads, pop music, and shaman rituals.

Favoring a bright shade of red, group members flabbergast with electrified hairstyles, ceiling-touching headgear, eye-sparkling outfits, and knee-reaching shoes. Then, there’s the anything-goes stage antics and oscillating vocals.

Hee-moon Lee, the lead vocalist, explains that Korean culture contains male shamans, called “baksu,” who certainly have masculine physical characteristics. However, they need multiple sexual identities to be effective mediums because they have to summon spirits from all gender identities. He says that he returns the sensibilities of his youth to create a more neutral, unisex vibe while on stage. (He actually channels Madonna.)

SsingSsing derives some of its inspiration from Minyo, a genre of ballads that Koreans sang while working in rice paddies and fields over centuries. Rooted in the oral tradition, the lyrics usually deal with bittersweet emotions caused by failed relationships and life’s hardships. The ditties have a magical quality that fosters communication between human beings and spirits, according to lore.

Tickets are $16 each, but $10 for students and free for teenagers with school ID. Before the concert, Flushing Town Hall will kick off the 2017 performance season with food, dance, and cheer at 6 p.m.

Images: Sori NYC


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