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St. Francis Preparatory High School in Fresh Meadows.

A Fresh Meadows high school has received special recognition for its outstanding educational programs.

The visual arts and school counseling programs at St. Francis Preparatory School (SFP) have been deemed “Programs of Distinction” — a prestigious title reserved for the country’s top-tier institutions — by the Middle States Association.


“Challenging, unique, passion, dedication, affiliation, hardworking, cozy, home, and family were the words the students of SFP used to describe the art department,” the visiting team from Middle States said. “It was obvious … that the Visual and Performing Arts Program is of exemplary quality. The student work is excellent.”

The school’s art department features over 30 courses taught by seven instructors and is led by Jeanne Buccino. The department has garnered special attention over the years, with students earning praise from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and having their work displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The school’s guidance department also received accolades from the Middle States team.

“SFP’s school counselors are a committed group of professionals who exhibit a genuine passion for the role they play in the educational process at Prep,” said Art Albrizio, who led the validation visit to the department.

“As counselors, we are charged with embracing, celebrating, and furthering the intrinsic talents and interests of our young men and women,” said Robyn Armon, director of guidance and college counseling. “Whether it be through college credit course work at Prep, SAT and standardized test preparation programs, college nights or visits from Prep alumni, our Guidance Department strives to offer as many programs as possible that will serve to further enrich a student’s first college experiences, as well as take them into the future with a healthy foundation.”

SFP was also the first school to achieve a Program of Distinction in Music in 2011, making it one of only two schools to have earned three Programs of Distinction.

“We are very proud of the great work our art teachers and guidance counselors do on behalf of our students every day,” principal Patrick McLaughlin said. “Their exceptional work perpetuates the long legacy of academic excellence at St. Francis Prep, and it is very gratifying that both departments have been justly acknowledged for their expertise and dedication.”

The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools’ mission is to improve the quality of education in the United States and around the world. For more information about the institution, visit their website.


SFP Art Department

SFP Guidance

SFP Guidance Department


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