Photos by Nykeema Williams
Chae Blount, left, with his mother Dianna outside the Laurelton library.

At just 8 years old, Chae Blount of Laurelton collected the lessons he’s learned from life and published two guidebooks for kids just like him.

Chae developed advanced reading skills at a very young age, according to his mother, Dianna Blount. She said that he started reading at just 9 months old. Dianna knew her son was special after participating in a spelling bee at only 3 years old.

“The previous school he attended was apprehensive because they thought he was too young,” Dianna Blount said. “The other kids were like 5 or 6 … but he made it to like the fourth round.”

Dianna believed Chae was persistent on writing a book because he was merely dreaming of his future. To spark his creativity, she tasked him with coming up with the title for his future book in a journal. Chae’s mother was amazed to read a manuscript listing ways to be a great older sibling. He created a guide based off of Dianna’s lessons after the arrival of Chae’s baby brother.

Dianna took their home project to be edited by his aunt, who was also surprised with the quality of Chae’s work. Two days later, Chae’s first book, entitled “Chae’s Guidebook: How to be the best big brother or sister you can be,” was published.

To Chae, his love for writing is pretty simple: “My favorite thing about writing is that you can write … and I wanted to make books so I could inspire people around the world.”

Chae gained immense support from family members, his community and his school, P.S./I.S. 208 in Glen Oaks, after getting published, according to his mother. Dianna Blount says his family members all insisted on paying for their signed copies of Chae’s first book.

His first reading party and book signing on March 4 at the Laurelton Library drew an audience of 60 people.

Chae’s school arranged a book signing for Chae at their Parent-Teacher night on March 16. He received two citations from Councilman I. Daneek Miller and Assemblywoman Alicia Hyndman, as well as a certificate of achievement from Senator Leroy Comrie.

Chae’s next book, called “Chae’s Guidebook: How to save at a young age,” is already in the works and contains what he’s learned about saving money after opening his first-ever bank account for his book’s profits.

Next month, Chae will be traveling to the island nation of Jamaica to host a book signing at a primary school and plans to donate 30 of his books to their library.

If you would like to see Chae Blount in Queens, his second reading party and book signing will be held at Laurelton Library on Saturday, June 17, from noon to 4 p.m.


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