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An electrical upgrade at P.S. 41 in Bayside was among the projects winning capital funding.

Northeast Queens will see a host of capital improvements after another record-setting round of participatory budget voting by the community.

Councilman Paul Vallone announced this year’s four winning projects, awarded a total of nearly $1.4 million in funding. Residents cast 6,214 votes — the most of any Queens Council District.

Receiving the most votes was an electrical upgrade project at Bayside’s P.S. 41, which is celebrating its 100-year anniversary. The school will be awarded $500,000 for a full electrical upgrade to meet safety standards and support modern technology.

“This is a celebration for Bayside and is completely on the heels of the parents and families of P.S. 41 who came together for the community,” said Joseph Ferrara, principal of P.S. 41. “It speaks volumes of what a community can achieve when they come together.”

Three other projects on the ballot will also receive funding:

  • The NYPD will install four security cameras in areas throughout northeast Queens to enhance crime prevention. ($141,000; 1,729 votes)
  • Bayside High School will install 3,200 new student lockers in the cafeteria and basement corridors, providing each student with their own locker. ($650,000; 1,603 votes)
  • Whitestone Library, located at 151-10 14th Rd., will undergo a technology upgrade ($100,000; 1,226 votes)

“The results clearly show that the district has overwhelmingly embraced the success of the participatory budgeting process,” Vallone said. “At a time when voter turnout is at a record low, we have created a way to engage our youth and youngest voters as to the power and importance of voting.”

Items on the ballot were discussed and decided upon at a series of neighborhood assemblies sponsored by Councilman Paul Vallone last October. Voting kicked off on Saturday, March 25 and ran until April 2 at voting locations set up within community gathering places.

“This monumental, eight month task could not have been possible without the continuous dedication of our delegates, community liaisons, volunteers, staff and especially Vito Tautonico, our Director of Constituent Services, who spearheaded the process,” Vallone said. “I look forward to continuing to grow the process next year.”


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