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Long Island City Pilates officially opened on April 3.

The owner of a new Pilates studio in Long Island City is hoping to share the benefits of the exercise system with a new community.

Adrianne Yurgosky opened Long Island City Pilates on April 3 at 12-17 Jackson Ave. She began doing Pilates in college, when she was a field hockey player at Ithaca College. After she suffered a torn disc in her back, Yurgosky found that the exercise was the only thing that could help alleviate her pain.

Though she graduated with a degree in international political science and French literature and worked in sales at international hotel chain Accor Hotels, Yurgosky practiced and taught Pilates on the side.

After working in a corporate environment for two years, she realized that teaching Pilates was her passion and decided to do it full time in 2009. Four years later, Yurgosky opened Westside Pilates in Manhattan.

“I loved hospitality,” she said. “I like people. I had a harder time in a corporate environment. I liked being a little bit more free. My hours are much longer now, but I love what I do and I feel grateful that I get to do what I love.”

Adrianne Yurgosky

Adrianne Yurgosky

Yurgosky decided to open an additional studio in Long Island City after spending time in the neighborhood visiting her brother and nephew. She enjoyed the family-oriented community and wanted to introduce classical Pilates, which is taught less frequently, there.

“I wanted to bring something to the community and have a place where people can come and feel supported and grow not just through their bodies but through relationships and friendships,” she said.

Pilates was developed by German native Joseph Pilates. The exercise system uses a series of equipment to help stretch and strengthen muscles in the body. According to Yurgosky, many of her clients suffered from back injuries and Pilates has helped relieve pain and gain strength.

“When a client comes in and says, ‘It’s the first time I’ve been pain free,’ that to me is what it’s really been about,” she said. “You should see the progress when you do Pilates. You want to be able to feel healthy and stable and be able to feel like you can function no matter what age you are.”

Yurgosky added that Pilates can also be a great workout that strengthens and lengthens muscles. She teaches the classical form of Pilates and abides by six core principles taught by the founder: breathing, centering, control, centering, flow and precision.

“It’s really important to have that combination [so you can] work on your muscles in a little but more dynamic way,” she said. “You’re not just bulking up but gaining lean, longer muscles.”

She and five other instructors teach group classes and private sessions. Long Island City Pilates offers mat classes, which are conducted on the floor with props like balls, weights, magic circles and bands to create a more challenging class.

Tower classes use a tower apparatus with springs to increase difficulty. The apparatus includes leg springs, arm springs and a push through bar. Yurgosky also offers pre- and post-natal classes that help pregnant women stay in shape during and after pregnancy. She will also add mommy and me classes soon.

All of the equipment used at Long Island City Pilates is made locally at Pilates Designs by Basil. The Long Island City-based company has provided Yurgosky with custom-made Pilates equipment for more than 10 years. The family-owned business sells Reformers, Cadillacs, Mats and other apparatuses used in Pilates.

“They are just fantastic,” she said. “They make really beautiful equipment.”


The 1,400-square-foot space, which used to be a home and art studio, was completely refurbished to accommodate the studio. Yurgosky added a 1930s tin ceiling, redid the walls and created a “wide open space” that has “that old, industrial feel [but is] a little bit more modern.”

She’s gotten compliments and feedback from new clients and hopes to foster the same community that she created at her first studio on the Upper West Side.

“I’m very, very proud of the community I’ve made on the Upper West Side,” Yurgosky said. “I really hope that then translates here because that is super important for me to be able to maintain that. I feel like I’ve had so much support from the [Upper West Side] community, [whether it’s] delivering the equipment, installing the cubbies, giving me feedback. It’s been really, really helpful.”

Long Island City Pilates is offering specials when you purchase class packages. For pricing, visit or call 718-361-6445.


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