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An active Glen Oaks intersection has undergone modifications to increase safety, a city agency announced.

Traffic signal timing at the intersection of Little Neck Parkway and the Grand Central Parkway has been modified, according to the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT). The new signal timing, which allows for separate independent movement periods for drivers, eliminates the capacity for head-on driver collisions and increases pedestrian safety, the agency said.

In the coming weeks, the city agency will also install an additional signal for westbound right-turn traffic from the service road, as well as pedestrian signals to cross the west Grand Central Parkway Service Road crosswalk.

According to the DOT, there have been no fatalities at the intersection over the past several years. However, in 2016 alone, there were three crashes with six reported injuries.

The busy intersection is located near North Shore Towers, a gated co-op community with 1,844 apartments. Residents there had been advocating for traffic changes at the location for some time.

“DOT has provided an effective solution to the long standing traffic safety hazard at the intersection,” Councilman Barry Grodenchik said. “I thank Felice Hannah and the residents of North Shore Towers for their steadfast advocacy.”

“Small changes can sometimes make a big difference in traffic flow and safety,” Deputy Queens Borough Commissioner Albert Silvestri said. “At this key intersection, where vehicles move between the busy Grand Central and Little Neck Parkways, adjusting the operation of the existing signal timing created a win-win for drivers and pedestrians that helps reduce conflicts and eases travel flow.”


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