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Before Holy Cross High School goes co-ed in 2018, they hired two female staffers to the admissions team.

An all-boys high school in Flushing will begin to welcome female students next year, it was announced this morning.

Holy Cross High School, a private Catholic institution located at 26-20 Francis Lewis Blvd., will begin teaching both young men and women in September 2018, welcoming them to the Class of 2022.

“Holy Cross High School recognizes that there are many capable and qualified young women who are desirous of strong, values-based instruction provided in a safe and nurturing co-educational environment,” the school said in a statement posted to their website on May 18.

Earlier this month, the school also announced that it had received an anonymous $1 million donation “from a very successful and forward-thinking alumnus” to support the school’s stand-out Science, Theology, Robotics, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STREAM) curriculum. Opportunities within the program will be available to all students at the school.

“This is a momentous step,” said Holy Cross Principal Ed Burns. “As an alumnus of the school, I am proud of the thorough evaluation of this opportunity undertaken by our senior leadership team, our Board of Directors, and our Board of Corporate Members. As a school sponsored by the Congregation of Holy Cross, we are not alone. We have many resources across the country to guide us in each step we will be taking as we make this important transition.”

Because the school already has a diverse group of educators, many who have also taught previously in co-ed institutions, a representative for the school explained, the school does not believe it will need to hire additional faculty to facilitate the change. No changes in tuition are planned at this time.

Flushing’s Holy Cross High School was founded in 1955 by the Congregation of Holy Cross, which continues to sponsor the school today. The college-preparatory school’s mission is to guide and further the religious, educational, social and athletic lives of its students.

Learn more by visiting the school’s website.


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