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Enjoy the tastes, aromas and languages of the Silk Road.

Noshwalks, a culinary walking tour company run by internationally renowned guide Myra Alperson, will lead a food-heavy trek through Rego Park on Sunday, June 11, starting at 1 p.m. Bring an empty stomach, an open mind and some comfortable shoes.

Rego Park has a large population of Central Asian immigrants who are observant Jews. Thus, it is referred to as “Little Silk Road,” after the ancient network of Eurasian trade routes that united Romans, Greeks, Turkmens, Armenians, Arabs, Persians, Indians and the Chinese.

Alperson doesn’t publicize the names of the participating eateries until the tour begins, but she has indicated that the group will explore Bukharan, Georgian, Persian, Uzbekistani, Russian and Israeli restaurants. Participants can expect pumpkin and lamb dumplings, turnip pickles, kebabs, hummus, meat pies, and really almost anything that can be cooked on a skewer. Plus, they will peruse some markets and try at least five different types of khachapuri, which is a Georgian cheese bread that comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, doughs and filings.

Plus, Alperson will provide tailored maps with information on all the participating purveyors so walkers can return to the places they like after the tour.

The meeting place is Rokhat Kosher Bakery at 65-43 Austin St., near the R train’s 63rd Road station. The walk will take around two hours.

The fee is $57 and includes the food, but not personal beverages. Children (ages six to 12) pay $20, while those under age six can attend for free.

Alperson started in the food-tour industry in 1983, when she co-founded Hungry Pedalers Gourmet Tours, which took bicycle riders on eating adventures. In 2000, she launched Noshwalks, whose name derives from the Yiddish word “Nosh,” which can mean “food” or “to eat.” After the Rego Park expedition, the next Noshwalks tour in Queens will explore Latin American cuisine in Jackson Heights on Saturday, June 24.

Top photo: Eating In Translation; gallery photos: Myra Alperson


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