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Angela Iannone is Queen Margaret.
Angela Iannone is Queen Margaret.

There’s something rotten in the House of York, and the King’s days are numbered. But don’t worry, QNS readers qualify for a discount.

The Woodside-based Titan Theatre Company is going to present the classic Shakespeare tragedy “Richard III” at Queens Theatre from Friday, Oct. 13, to Sunday, Oct. 29. Tickets are $18 each, but readers of this post can get $2 discounts using the code ITSINQUEENS16.

The second-longest of all Shakespeare plays behind Hamlet, this history-based story takes place in Elizabethan England and features a particularly evil main character. The York Family is in charge after winning a long civil war, and Edward IV is the King. However, his younger brother, Richard III, resents him. To make matters worse, the lad has a crooked spine in an era when common lore dictated that a man’s outward appearance matched the inward state of his soul.

Power-hungry and malicious because of his physical deformity, Richard sets out to take the throne – and he’s willing to deceive, destroy and kill anybody who gets in his way. The first victim is Lady Anne, a noblewoman whom he manipulates into marrying him even though she knows that he murdered her first husband. Next up is Richard’s older brother, Clarence, who is executed. Then King Edward becomes sick and dies, leaving Richard as the Lord Protector of England.

But that’s when the murder and mayhem really start. Other royals and noblemen who are not loyal to Richard must go. Eventually, even his wife, now Queen Anne, must go, too.

Richard finally meets his end during an invasion, but not before he cries his famous quote at the height of a battle: “A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse!”

This production stars Lloyd Mulvey, a longtime Titan member, in the title role. Michelle Duffy, whose TV credits include “Mad Men,” “House MD” and “The Good Wife,” is Queen Anne. Angela Iannone, a playwright who is also a faculty member at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, plays Queen Margaret. The director is Edward Morgan, who has led various regional troupes, including Great Lakes Theatre, Virginia Stage Company, Shakespeare Santa Cruz, and Milwaukee Repertory Theatre.

Titan, which is currently in its fourth year as the artist-in-residence at Queens Theatre, strives to breathe new life and clarity into classical dramas, especially those by Shakespeare, through visceral, ensemble-driven productions.

“It’s an extremely difficult play even for the largest companies to produce,” said Titan Artistic Director Lenny Banovez. “However, we have assembled an amazing cast and crew.”

In total, Queens Theatre, which is located in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, will offer 11 “Richard III” shows on Thursdays through Sundays during this run. Times vary.

Images: Titan Theatre Company


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