Photo by Ryan Kelley/QNS
A news fan sits in front of P.S. 87 after reports of a possible abduction in the area.

Updated on Feb. 2 at 1:08 p.m.

A report and ensuing police response to an apparent abduction has been cancelled after causing a commotion in Middle Village on Thursday afternoon, authorities said.

Police responded on Feb. 1 to P.S. 87 on 80th Street with a level 1 mobilization after it was reported that a child had been abducted. After a brief investigation, however, police confirmed that the call has been cancelled.

Authorities said that the child in question has been located and there was some sort of misunderstanding surrounding the report, but could not yet provide any specifics as of Thursday evening.

On Friday, police said they had no information on file about the reported incident.

A spokesperson from the Department of Education also said on Friday that the incident seemed to be a miscommunication, but referred QNS back to the police department for the official details.

According to Councilman Robert Holden on Twitter, P.S. 87 Principal Caryn Michaeli said that the situation was determined to be nonthreatening, adding: “Our staff followed the appropriate safety protocols and the situation was resolved without further incident.”

Outside the school as children were being dismissed, a mother of a P.S. 87 student told QNS that she had not received any official alert from the school or the authorities. Instead, she said her daughter contacted her from her cell phone to tell her about the reported incident.

Police said the investigation has been concluded.


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