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An open window at 70-15 65th Pl. in Glendale reveals piles of garbage in the basement of the building.

After a QNS report earlier this month about a Glendale building where piles of trash filled the basement and first-floor apartment, a clean-out crew finally came on March 19 to tidy things up.

The six-family residence at 70-15 65th Pl. has racked up more than 30 violations with the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD), caused a hoard of rats to inhabit the block and clouds of flies to infest the apartments and neighboring buildings. According to Kathleen Midlaw, a resident of the building since 2006, her landlord, Maria Hlawaty, enlisted someone to clean the place out after facing steep fines from the Fire Department.

“That’s why she’s so resentful,” Midlaw said. “When the Fire Department came, she was in the hall and acted like she didn’t know what was going on. She didn’t want to let them into the basement.”

But the fire officials were stern with Hlawaty and convinced her to open the basement door, Midlaw said. After assessing the damage and leaving with an “oh wow” reaction, Midlaw said, the officials returned an hour later to give Hlawaty her summons.

At first, Hlawaty blamed Midlaw for everything and showed no remorse for the condition of the building. She even threatened to not renew Midlaw’s lease and refused to fix an electrical problem in her apartment. HPD records show a violation for failure to “provide a safe and adequate supply of electric service to the fixtures electrical outlet” in the kitchen of Midlaw’s apartment.

When the two were able to speak again during the initial cleanup on March 19, however, Midlaw said her landlord was coming around. Hlawaty told her that she will get a new lease “once this is all over,” Midlaw said.

While the building is on its way to being waste-free, Midlaw is still spending hours every day killing flies in her apartment and said that an exterminator will certainly have to come to the building too. Even though it was two years in the making, Midlaw is grateful that progress is being made.

Hlawaty has not yet responded to a request for comment.


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