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With an already impressive list of accomplishments in the theater industry before even graduating from college, one New Yorker with Queens ties is now bringing technological innovation to the table.

Alexander Baron, a student at Penn State University and the son of Howard Beach attorney Scott Baron, is developing what he calls a social network to bring “theater anywhere, anytime, to anyone.” That stuck as the slogan for the app, Broadway Connected, and it is only a few weeks away from its official launch on the App Store, Baron said.

I want that kid that’s in Seattle dying to know about a certain area of theater but has no access to it to get onto the app,” Baron said. “I want to create technology that my 13- and 15-year-old self would utilize.”

Baron said he wants to inspire the next generation of theater through Broadway Connected, though the 21-year-old can be described as that himself. When he was 16, Baron wrote and produced his own play, “Love Behind Bars,” which premiered at the Manhattan Repertory Theater. At age 17, he was the executive producer of an off-Broadway show, “Vote For Me,” and at 18 he was a co-producer of the pre-Broadway show “Gotta Dance.”

The theater entrepreneur has been working with a team of app developers for nearly two years to create Broadway Connected, which he said will “allow collaboration to increase, as well as efficiency.” One of the main features of the app is a news feed of stories aggregated from the top media companies in the business that keeps users up to date with the theater world.

The app includes a profile page for users to share their personal experience in theater and interact with other users. There will also be a “question of the day” that comes with promotional rewards for users who engage with the app regularly, as well as a calendar complete with all the upcoming industry events.

I’m very excited. I think that this is a very needed thing,” Baron said. “We’re at a crossroads in the industry where a lot of change is happening.”

Baron added that he is most excited to develop his voice in the industry through Broadway Connected and create positive change. He emphasized that it will not do theater news journalism, rather he wants to create a relationship and work together with content producers to explore original content that has not been done before.

Baron is currently a junior at Penn State and is studying in New York City for the semester, though he plans to return to the University Park campus in the fall to finish his degree. In the meantime, he is focused on the final stages of the app development .

Broadway Connected is currently available in a preview format on the App Store ahead of its launch this year.


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