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Artists of local and international fame will put their work on display in Glendale during the “Inside, Outside, Upside Down: Mixed Media in Queens” art show on April 7.

Hosted by the Glendale/Maspeth United Methodist Church on Central Avenue, the art show will feature a unique gallery of works by 13 artists, an artist talk, light refreshments and snacks. Marcy Galatioto, the chair of the church’s Evangelical Committee who helped set up the event, said the idea came from one of the members of the parish who is an artist that will be featured in the show.

I thought that it was a very good idea because one of the things we’re trying to do is be open to the community,” Galatioto said. 

That artistic parishioner is Joseph Gagliano, a lifelong Glendale resident and self-taught artist who runs a part-time gallery and studio on Myrtle Avenue. Gagliano used his connections in the art community to organize the lineup of artists for the event, who all have “very interesting work that comes out of their minds,” he said.

One of the most well-known creators coming to the show is Sue Kreitzman, a successful food writer who suddenly transitioned into art later in her life. She draws brightly colored pictures that are simplistic at first glance, but they are transformed when she puts them on clothing, dishes and other household items. On her website, Kreitzman describes her work as “completely untutored, intensely personal and involves color, food, freedom and the female landscape.”

Gagliano said that Kreitzman was largely responsible for coming up with the name of the April 7 exhibit.

A bit more traditional in nature is the work of another featured artist, Archana Santra. Originally from India, Santra now lives in Queens and creates oil-based paintings on canvas that mostly center around the theme of motherhood and nature. She has done major art shows in India, Gagliano said, and her paintings are for sale online for hundreds of dollars.

The difference in mediums between Santra and Kreitzman is the crux of the show, as a wide variety of materials and styles, conventional and innovative, will converge in one place.

There will also be plenty of local talent represented, such as Ridgewood residents Giovanni Scalisi and Rocco Negri. Scalisi creates textured canvases of architectural features, including miniature windows that open to reveal painted landcapes. Negri has been a successful children’s book illustrator for decades and creates prints of many of his illustrations.

More modern and youthful takes on art will be displayed by artists like BiZZiD, STK 138 and Rob Phaser. BiZZiD is a Bushwick-based painter and curator, meaning he combines a bunch of small, random objects to create one larger object. STK 138 is a graffiti and street art crew, and Phaser is also a graffiti artist.

There are many more artists to see, and Gagliano said he is “expecting some surprises at the show,” as well as a possible performance artist. Gagliano, whose preferred medium is Sharpie markers, said he is most looking forward to the artist talk during the event that will allow the audience to ask questions and learn about the art and the artists.

“I’ve been to other shows where I barely got to meet the other artists,” Gagliano said. “So this is one show where we’re going to try hard to get closer as a community and do other things together in the future.”

The gallery will be open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on April 7, with the artist talk at around 1 p.m.


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