The menu offers two strolls, more than a dozen cuisines, and countless flavors.

Myra Alperson, who runs the food-focused touring company Noshwalks, will lead two jaunts through Queens this month. The first one will delve into South Asian eateries in Jackson Heights on Sunday, April 8. The second will savor mostly South American and Central American treats on Sunday, April 28.

After gathering at Dera Restaurant at 72-09 Broadway at 1 p.m., the Jackson Heights expedition will visit markets and other purveyors offering appetizers, produce, spices, and tastes of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Tibet. Participants will also patronize a Vendy-winning food truck.

The April 28 voyage will actually begin in Richmond Hill with the meet-up at Kaieteur, a Guyanese restaurant at 97-12 Lefferts Blvd. at 1 p.m. The route will then flow into Woodhaven via Jamaica Avenue with a few “wanderings” off the main thoroughfare. Walkers will stop at places selling victuals from Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, Peru, and Poland. If time and schedule permit, they will also head to Schmidt’s Candy, a third-generation sweets shop at 94-15 Jamaica Ave. where owner Margie Schmidt makes everything by hand.

Both of these outings have $59 price tags. The fee includes food, but not beverages or tips. Children (ages six to 12) pay $20, while those even younger can come along for free. And for both treks, Alperson, who has been in the industry since 1983, will provide participants with specially designed maps with info on all the scheduled spots so walkers can return to the places they liked after the tour.

Editor’s note: A third Noshwalk event is scheduled for Ridgewood on Saturday, May 5. With a meet-up at El Dorado Restaurant at 54-55 Myrtle Ave. at 1 p.m., this trek’s bounty will include delicacies from Bulgaria, Bosnia, the Caribbean, Germany, and Poland.

Images: Noshwalks


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