Image courtesy of M.K. Moore
A car with a shattered window in Kew Gardens on April 3.

The morning of April 3 started as every other day when Kew Gardens resident M.K. Moore went out to walk his dogs, but on Metropolitan Avenue near Park Lane South, he began to see the shattered glass.

According to Moore, president of the Friends of Forest Park civic group, as many as 20 cars had shattered windows along Park Lane South all the way to 115th Street. Inside the cars, glove compartments and center consoles had been ripped open and peoples’ belongings were scattered out onto the sidewalk, Moore said.

A police source confirmed that eight reports of criminal mischief were received by the 102nd Precinct on April 3.

Since the crimes were filed as criminal mischief, that means none of the victims who reported their broken windows said any of their property was stolen. The problem is, Moore said, that not enough people report incidents like these to the police.

I’ve been in contact with the 102nd Precinct asking to increase police activity in the area,” Moore said. “There’s been a lot of illicit activities around the park.”

If people don’t report these crimes, Moore said they won’t get the added patrols that are needed to prevent the crimes.

Later in the afternoon on April 3, the 102nd Precinct released a flier on Twitter to warn residents of possible car break-ins and provide tips to dissuade the criminals:

  • Park your vehicle in a well-lit area
  • Make sure all doors are locked
  • Never leave keys in the vehicle, especially when it’s running
  • Do not leave valuables in the vehicle, such as wallets, pocketbooks, GPS, laptops, tablets and charging cords

Moore added that he reached out to the local elected officials’ offices to tell them about the break-ins and hopes that other residents will do the same. A spokesperson from Assemblyman Mike Miller’s office confirmed that they heard from Moore and other members of the community about the issue and are working with the 102nd Precinct to come up with a solution.



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