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A temporary Georgia Diner sign hangs over the old Nevada Diner sign on Queens Boulevard on April 5.

The ever-popular Georgia Diner in Elmhurst has officially relocated a few blocks from its original location on Queens Boulevard and it’s busier than ever.

Founded in 1978, the Georgia Diner closed its old location on the corner of Queens Boulevard and 55 Avenue on March 25 after the building was sold to a developer for $14.25 million, according to city records. The diner’s owner, Jimmy Kaloidis, decided to take the locally famous name down the road and re-brand the Nevada Diner, which he also owns.

Today, there is a large yellow sign on the side of the closed Georgia Diner building that points guests toward the new location, where temporary signs are draped over the old Nevada Diner signs. According to John Singh, a longtime manager at both diners, the transition has been “very smooth” and loyal customers are still coming back.

All the Georgia customers are coming, and they like the new atmosphere because it’s a lot of the same employees,” Singh said.

Singh also explained that there is a brand-new Georgia Diner sign with neon lights on the way, as well as redesigned menus. The traditional Georgia Diner menu with the same prices has also replaced the Nevada Diner menu, Singh said.

The old Georgia Diner was sold to Justice Avenue Tower II LLC, which has an ongoing construction project next to the diner. Kaloidis had already sold part of the diner’s parking lot to the developers three years ago before the project began.

Designed by My Architect PC and contracted by United Construction and Development Group, the new structure will be 18 stories high, with four floors of  “community facility” use and the remaining 14 stories for residential use with 184 apartments. Construction began in 2016 and the structure of the first four floors is currently in place, Department of Buildings (DOB) records show.

An application for the demolition of the old Georgia Diner was filed on Feb. 7, but pending its approval there has been no permit for the demolition issued yet, a DOB spokesperson said.

Though it may be a while before the building actually falls, guests and employees alike have moved on quickly, and Singh said the consolidation is keeping everyone busy.

I love to work like this now because it was too slow for me before,” Singh said. “Now were really working, you pass the time so quickly now.”


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