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Police recently arrested for the second time this month a suspect who tried to burglarize numerous cars and break into a home in Glendale.

The two arrests are related to separate incidents that took place within hours of each other on the same day, according to the criminal complaints.

The first incident unfolded when the suspect, Teresa Forgione, 19, allegedly approached a home on 70th Street at approximately 4 a.m. Surveillance footage from the home showed Forgione allegedly entering the backyard and trying to open a window and several doors, court records show.

Surveillance footage then shows Forgione walking around to the front yard of the home and pulling on the door handle of the car parked in the driveway, according to the complaint.

Then, the resident of the home woke up to a noise coming from the bedroom window, and when the resident went to shut the window there was a foot coming through it, court records show.

Two hours later, prosecutors said, Forgione got caught red-handed while allegedly trying to break into other cars on 71st Street at approximately 6:15 a.m.

Video surveillance form another home showed Forgione allegedly opening the front gate of the property and walking onto the driveway, then leaving the driveway a short time later. The resident of the home went outside to find the driver’s side door of the car in the driveway left ajar, according to the criminal complaint.

When Forgione moved on to 72nd Street, an officer from the 104th Precinct saw her in the passenger seat of a car parked on the street. When the officer approached, Forgione allegedly said that the car belonged to her friend, then admitted that the car did not belong to her friend, court records show.

The officer arrested Forgione on May 8 and charged her with unauthorized use of a vehicle in the third degree, criminal trespassing in the third degree and a trespassing violation. The Queens County Court released Forgione on recognizance and set her next appearance date for June 28.

Investigators later connected Forgione to the attempted burglary and released a wanted poster on Twitter in search of her.

Police re-arrested Forgione on May 16 and charged her with attempted burglary in the second degree and unauthorized use of a vehicle in the third degree. The court released Forgione on recognizance again, and she is due to appear in court on May 30 for the second case.


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