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Photo by Ryan Kelley
The Key Food supermarket on Grand Avenue in Maspeth, which will open for business on May 24.

Maspeth residents will soon be able to shop at two Key Food supermarkets on the same block when a new location opens on Grand Avenue this week.

The new supermarket is located just south of the Long Island Expressway on Grand Avenue near Borden Avenue in a building that used to be occupied by a Duane Reade drug store.

According to general manager Hasan Zghari — who also runs the Key Food less than a block away on Grand Avenue near Hamilton Place — the new location will have a soft opening on May 24, and the grand opening ceremony will take place on June 1.

Both Key Food locations will remain open at the same time, but Zghari invited QNS on May 21 to come see the new features that set the two stores apart.

Inside the new supermarket there is a pharmacy department toward the front of the building near the cash registers, which Zghari said will open two or three weeks after the store initially opens. Toward the back of the store is a combined deli/bakery/seafood counter where fresh sushi and other foods will be prepared, and its increased space will allow the new store to carry a larger variety of foods in general.

“The other location doesn’t have that, it’s just a regular, typical supermarket,” Zghari said. “We’re going to make that one into a more organic, healthy choice market.”

In addition, the new store has a large parking lot with approximately 80 parking spots.

With only three days to go until the soft opening, most of the shelves were already stocked and staff members were scattered throughout the building finishing any last-minute work. Zghari said that some of his staff members from the old Key Food store are joining the staff at the new store, but he also hired 20 new employees from the local community.

When asked why he thinks the new store will be successful even though it’s so close to its sister store, Zghari said the answer was simple.

“The parking lot, I think that’s going to take the cake,” Zghari said. “You’d be surprised, with that six-car parking lot we do pretty well at the other store. So with an 80-car parking lot, nobody is fighting for a spot, we’re hoping.”

The new Key Food will be open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. beginning on May 24, and after the June 1 grand opening there will be six weeks’ worth of “blowout sales” throughout the store, Zghari said.


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