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Police have one suspect in custody after a group of men recently swindled a woman in Ridgewood by offering to give her a ride before stealing her purse.

Elijah Sanabria, 18, was arrested last week for his alleged role in the robbery that took place on June 3 at approximately 5:20 a.m. with at least two other men involved.

As detailed in the criminal complaint that the Queens District Attorney’s office provided, the incident began when the female victim was looking for her car and a white four-door sedan pulled up with two men inside. An unidentified man behind the wheel with a Queens tattoo above his eye and an unidentified white male in the front passenger seat asked the victim if she needed help.

The victim told the men she was having trouble finding her car and needed to charge her phone, the complaint shows, so the men then drove the victim to her car. When the victim got into the driver’s seat of her car, the man with the Queens tattoo got into the passenger seat and told the victim she could charge her phone at his house.

The victim then drove to a home on Charlotte Street with the unidentified man in her front seat and the unidentified white male driving the white sedan behind them, according to court records.

Sanabria was inside the home with his girlfriend, he later told police, and one of the men who brought the victim to the location was his cousin. After hanging out inside, the two unidentified men and the victim went back outside and the victim attempted to leave.

The man with the Queens tattoo claimed he left something in the victim’s car and followed her to the vehicle, court records show. He then asked the victim for money to buy marijuana because he did the victim a favor.

The victim then got into her car, set her purse on the passenger seat and started to perform a three point turn when Sanabria allegedly came out of the home and approached the vehicle, he later admitted to police.

After engaging the victim in a conversation on the driver’s side, Sanabria allegedly went around to the passenger side of the car and opened the door. He then showed the victim a knife, grabbed her purse and ran to the white sedan where the man with the Queens tattoo was in the driver’s seat and they drove off, according to the criminal complaint.

The victim told police that her purse contained three different bank cards, three birth certificates, a tax return form and three social security cards.

Video surveillance from the area showed a man wearing a red hooded sweatshirt running and getting into the white sedan while the victim got out of her car and ran after him. Sanabria told police that he was the man in the red sweatshirt, court records show.

Sanabria faces charges of robbery in the first degree and robbery in the second degree, according to court records. He posted $10,000 cash bail and must return to court on July 12.


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