This event will definitely take people for a ride.

QUEENSBOUND, a collaborative audio project with funding from the Queens Council on the Arts, will create a stream of verses, stanzas, and maybe even a few couplets for participants as they travel from a Long Island City subway station to a huge party at Queens Museum on Saturday, Nov. 3.

To begin, contributors and guests will gather on the 7 train’s Queens-bound platform at the Vernon Boulevard-Jackson Avenue stop at 2 p.m. They will then enter the front car of the first local subway that arrives.

QUEENSBOUND contributors will then read their poems out loud as the group rides eastward to Flushing. They will stop at the Mets-Willets Point station, get off, and walk on the Passerelle (the boardwalk over the Corona Subway Yards and LIRR tracks) to the Queens Museum inside Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

If there’s no weekend track work and everything goes as planned, the participants will reach the museum just in time for the hour-long reception and QUEENSBOUND website reveal in the Panorama of the City of New York exhibition space at 3 p.m.

Organized and curated by KC Trommer, QUEENSBOUND is an ongoing effort to collect poems about the borough and embed them on an interactive subway map designed by artist Kyle Richard. Each stop on the map corresponds to a different poem or story. Users simply press on a stop to hear a poem, thanks to the tech work of Maham Faisal Khan. (Trommer, who does the reciting, makes sure that each poem is appropriate for its corresponding subway stop and neighborhood.)

Click here to see the map. Then, click on the 7 train’s Court Square station to listen to Rosebud Ben-Oni’s “Matarose Tags G-Dragon on the 7.” Click on 33rd Street to hear Safia Jama’s “Industrial Design & Sunset.” And so on.

The entire map is as follows.

7 Train

  • Court Square — Ben-Oni’s “Matarose Tags G-Dragon on the 7.”
  • 33rd Street — Jama’s “Industrial Design & Sunset.”
  • 40th Street — Paolo Javier’s “A True Account of Talking to the 7 Line in Sunnyside.”
  • 46th Street – Trommer’s “7 to 46th Street/Bliss.”
  • 52nd Street — Joseph O. Legaspi’s “[ their spine ].”
  • Woodside/61st Street — Nicole Hartounian’s “Next Summer.”
  • 74 Street/Broadway — Ananda Lima’s “When They Come for Us on the 7 Train.”
  • 82nd Street — Vikas K. Menon’s “Queens Communion.”
  • 90th Street — Abeer Y. Hoque’s “Here I Love You New York.”

E Train

  • Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Avenue — Maria Terrone’s “Hawthorne Court.”
  • Jamaica Center — Sherese Francis’s “Liberty Ashes.”

N Train

  • Astoria Boulevard — Maria Lisella’s “Cornrows.”
  • Ditmars Boulevard — Belal Mobarak’s “Where the N Train Stops.”

F Train

  • Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Avenue —  Malcolm Chang’s “Kalpana Chawla Way.”

R Train

  • Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Avenue — Meera Nair’s “In These Streets.”
  • 63rd Drive/Rego Park — Jared Harél’s “All Possible Fates.”


Images: KC Trommer


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