Halloween is over, but the NYC Compost Project is still looking for jack-o-lanterns…and providing a constructive outlet to relieve frustrations.

The annual Pumpkin Smash will take place at Lou Lodati Park in Sunnyside on Saturday, Nov. 3, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The public can drop off unwanted (and rotting) pumpkins, and NYC Compost will turn them into fertilizer to be distributed to flower beds and tree squares in parks and public green spaces around the five boroughs.

Attendance is free, of course, and participants can crush, slam, and stomp their discarded pumpkins themselves. And back by popular demand, the Queens Botanical Garden, which is hosting the event, has promised to bring a catapult for “punkin-chunkin.”

Oh, the goopy, smelly squishy mess!

Don’t worry, pumpkin donors can also let NYC Compost employees do the demolition.

Lou Lodati Park’s entrance is at 41-15 Skillman Ave. It’s near Sunnyside Greenmarket, an outdoor farmers market that will be operating during Pumpkin Smash.

Images: NYC Zerowaste


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Have a bash at Pumpkin Smash 2015 in Sunnyside on Saturday

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