Funny. Funnier. Funniest.

A top-notch comedy trio will provide a one-two-three punch in the funny bone during Saturday Night Stand-Up at Queensborough Performing Arts Center in Bayside on Saturday, Dec. 8, at 8 p.m.

The headliner is Garden State native Mike Marino. His fans call him “New Jersey’s Bad Boy,” but he argues that his razor-shop tongue is overshadowed by his heart of gold. He can get dirty, but he can also tear up with love. Then there’s the whole thing about how living in California has made him soft and ruined his regal Jersey accent.

Marino’s act is heavy on hilarious anecdotes about his Italian-American family – you know, the food, the mother who had no problem smacking her kids, etc. — and observations about everyday life. In fact, he recently adapted the “Make America Italian Again” slogan while jokingly running for president as the Pizza Party candidate. (Watch the web series “Marino 2016.”) His big campaign promise? To move the White House to Huntington, Long Island.

Adding to his contrasting shtick, he has performed in every major comedy club between New York and Los Angeles and appeared as a sketch player on “The Tonight Show,” but he’s also been in more than 200 commercials and, get this, he’s had roles in many soap operas, including “As the World Turns” and “One Life to Life.”

The second act, Richie Byrne, has had a similar accent and career, mixing stand-up gigs with roles in films and television programs, including “Sex & the City” and “The Sopranos.” Since 2009, the Staten Island man has had the unique job of telling jokes to warm up audiences before filming segments of “The Dr. Oz Show.”

Kind of an old school storyteller who refuses to use obscenity, he prefers riffing about his family and celebrities during his high-energy shows. He also rants about diets, his prostate exam, and aging.

Last but not least, Gary DeLena is another veteran of the comedy club scene with many television and film credits. The Brooklyn native is also a former rock musician who’s known for his song parodies and impressions of famous divas.

Jon Bon Jovi and Davie Bowie are frequent targets. Here’s his take on the 1987 hit “Luka” by Suzanne Vega. “My name is Gary. I live on the bottom floor. I beat up Luka. So sick of that silly song.”

DeLena’s trusty guitar is always part of his act. Ditto for his favorite phrase — “EEE-Yess!” – which he bellows after jokes. He actually has a cult following of “EEE-Yess!” fans.

All seats cost $50. Queensborough Performing Arts Center is located at 222-05 56th Ave.

The show was originally planned for a smaller auditorium, but it might take place in the 875-person main venue due to the large number of ticket purchasers.

Image: ©Michael Paras Photography


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