It’s a feast with crispy goat head, grilled wild boar and fiery gizzards.

All are invited to the Queens Dinner Club’s next “meeting”  — maybe “eating” is a more precise word — at Bajeko Sekuwa, a Nepalese barbecue restaurant in Sunnyside, on Monday, Jan. 28, at 7 p.m.

Nepal is a landlocked country that borders China and India and boasts the highest point on Earth, Mount Everest in the Himalayas. Its cuisine has Asian and Indian themes with many high-altitude animals, vegetables and spices. Part of this eatery’s name, “Sekuwa,” is the word for a skewer of pre-marinated meat (usually chicken, goat, lamb, pork or a combination of these) cooked over a natural wood fire.

The night’s menu follows.

  • Appetizers
    Sukuti sandheko, a tangy shredded goat with house Masala spices;
    Bhatmas sandheko, crunchy soybeans with ginger, garlic, green chilies and lemon; and
    Pangra fry, gizzards with onions and green chilies.
  • Himalayan Hors d’oeuvres
    Tauko fry, crispy goat head stir fried with onion, coriander and secret Masala spices;
    Jhol momo, chicken dumplings in a spicy house broth;
    Bandel sekuwa, grilled wild boar with Sichuan peppercorn;
    Goat sekuwa, tender grilled goat with house Masala spices; and
    Chicken sekuwa, grilled chicken skewers with house Masala spices.
  • Buffet

    Aaloo jeera, pan-fried potatoes with ginger, garlic and cumin;
    Black daal, homestyle black lentils;
    Eggplant curry, deep-fried eggplant in ginger-garlic Madras curry; and
    Nepali chicken curry, low fire-cooked chicken with house curry Masala spices.
  • Dessert
    Lal mohan, sweetened cheese with syrup and Nepali yogurt.

Tickets are $52.

Located at 43-16 Queens Blvd., Bajeko Sekuwa is actually the first United States branch of a chain that grew from a single sekuwa stand that Dinanath Bhandari opened near the Kathmandu airport almost 40 years ago. The name translates as “grandpa’s barbecue,” and Bhandari’s descendants have built the small business into a mini-empire with 14 locations in Nepal and a line of spice mixes for curries and kebabs. The Sunnyside location is the first step in a company plan to open several eateries in the United States.

Jonathan Forgash, a chef who ran Starstruck Catering, Joe DiStefano, a Queens-based food blogger and event organizer, and Gabe Gross, an Astoria civic activist, founded the Queens Dinner Club in 2016. It’s an informal group that’s open to anybody willing to pay the determined prices for the meals. Members get together periodically at different venues to enjoy specialized menus and direct access to owners and chefs. Over the past two-and-a-half years, they have gathered at restaurants specializing in cuisines from such countries as France, Georgia, Italy, Mexico, and the Philippines. They also held a meat-heavy, Kansas-style barbecue night.

“I’ve been captivated by the flavors of Nepalese cuisine for a few years now,” Forgash stated. “Cumin, chili and acid shine out from an earthy red sauce used to accent grilled goat, wild boar and chicken…Bajeko Sekuwa is the next step in franchise restaurants…It is in Queens!”

Images: Bajeko Sekuwa and Joe DiStefano


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