Watch a famous, globe-trotting group put on a show in an unsung local venue.

The Havana Cuba All-Stars will perform at the Ralph & Ricky Lauren Theater on Sunday, Jan. 27, at 7 p.m.

This high-energy ensemble celebrates the wide tapestry of Cuban music and dance wherever it goes, playing everything from Cha Cha Cha to Rumba to Salsa. Members include 12 of the Caribbean island’s most acclaimed musicians under the direction of composer-producer Michel Padrón, and when they jam, audience members can’t help themselves. They stand up and groove to the infectious percussion, wailing trumpets, and masterful guitars.

There’s an extra treat this year, as three couples dance with the band on stage. So audience members can also enjoy swishes of sequined skirts, fancy footwork, and total-body twirls.

Ticket prices are $48, $42, and $35.

This is actually an encore performance, although it’s a bit complicated. The Havana Cuba All-Stars rocked the Queensborough Performing Arts Center during the group’s first ever United States tour in 2016. However, the Bayside venue is currently under renovation, so organizers moved the show to the Ralph & Ricky Lauren Theater, which is located on the Lexington School & Center for the Deaf’s campus in East Elmhurst. It has more than 400 seats.

The theater’s address is 25-26 75th St. in East Elmhurst, and there’s free parking on site and at the Bulova Building, which is across the street. However, the venue not near a subway station.

Images: Havana Cuba All-Stars


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