Every little thing they do is magic.

MOMIX, a dance-illusionist company, will offer three mind-bending, eye-twisting performances at Queens Theatre this weekend. Tickets run from $20 to $42.

Combining physicality, such as acrobatics and veritable circus acts, with wizardry and visual trickery, the 38-year-old troupe has a worldwide reputation for inventive storytelling rooted in an imitation (“manipulation” might be a better word) of nature, astrology, landscapes, flora, and fauna. It’s amazing what a choreographer can do with light, shadows, props, and the amazing, contorting human body!

The show, entitled “VIVA MOMIX,” is a collection of the company’s most iconic work along with a few new pieces created by Artistic Director Moses Pendleton.

The repertory is immense. The audience should get ready for three female dancers whirling batons while whirling their bodies around the stage. Changing the positions of the batons creates the appearance that they become solid objects that morph into orbital rings. Or those present might watch three males do balancing acts in Argentine Gaucho outfits with one leg extended by a stilt in a pant leg.

Other possibilities include female dancers playing with balloons in a way that makes them appear to be slowly maturing eggs or dancers who manipulate life-sized puppets so they appear to be living bodies. There’s also a chance that MOMIX will do “Narcissus’ Echo,” in which one woman does a “duet” with mirror.

The first show is on Saturday, Feb. 9, at 2 p.m., and it includes an audience talkback session. The next performance is also on Feb. 9, but at 8 p.m. The run ends on Sunday, Feb. 10, at 3 p.m. with Audio Description available.

In addition to tours on five continents, MOMIX has worked in film and television, recently appearing in a Target ad that premiered on a “Golden Globe Awards” production. The company has been on PBS, France’s Antenne II, and Italian RAI television. MOMIX was also featured in “Imagine,” one of the first 3-D IMAX films to be released in IMAX theaters worldwide, and the feature films “FX2” and “The Company.”

Queens Theatre, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary, is located at 14 United Nations Ave. S. in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Shuttle service between the 7 train’s Citi Field stop and the venue is available.

Photos courtesy MOMIX and Charles Paul Azzopardi


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