Imagine Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. with English accents and those beloved self-deprecating British senses of humor.

The Queensborough Performing Arts Center will present Tenors Un Limited, a trio of crooners also known as “The Rat Pack of Opera,” in Bayside on Sunday, March 17, at 3 p.m.

The group, which is celebrating 15 years together, is touring the United States with the “From Venice to Vegas” show, an eclectic mix of melodies from the opera world, Broadway tunes and popular music from the 1950s and 1960s. Members also like to tell stories, crack jokes and ham it up on stage.

Thus, attendees can expect to chuckle in their seats between versions of “La Donna è Mobile,” “Volare,” “You’re Too Good to be True” and Sting’s “Fragile.” They can also expect to hear introductions before the opera songs with a bit of history and musical theory.

Ticket prices are $48, $42, and $35.

Each performer — Scott Ciscon, Paul Martin, and Jem Sharples — was enjoying a solo career until 2002, when they got the idea to form a “classical-crossover man band” that did popular songs from a variety of genres with a heavy incorporation of rich harmonies. They love harmonies.

Luckily, audiences did, too. They got gigs at hallowed English venues such as Wembley Stadium during the final of a soccer championship and the Royal Festival Hall, while also appearing on television via BBC and Sky Sports. After their popularity grew, they went on tours of other European countries, Australia and the United States.

As the Queensborough Performing Arts Center has been undergoing a renovation over the past few months, this concert will take place at The OLBS Theater at 34-45 202nd St. (the corner of 35th Avenue and 203rd Street) in Bayside. There is free parking in an adjacent lot and on the street.

Images: Tenors Un Limited


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