Here’s a wild trip through an underwater fantasy world with special low prices for Queens Courier fans.

“B: The Underwater Bubble Show” will pop up at Queens College’s Colden Auditorium on Friday, March 29, at 8 p.m. Tickets run from $29 to $42, but readers of this post can get 30 percent discounts with the promo code “SPRING” on Ticketmaster.

Straight from Latvia, this family-friendly musical fairy tale mixes aspects of “Alice in Wonderland,” “Peter Pan,” “The Little Mermaid,” and Cirque du Soleil. Performers — always clad in colorful, slightly outrageous outfits — interact with the audience, creating magic with help from laser technology, snow cannons, optical illusions, and millions of bubbles…literally millions and millions of bubbles.

It’s one of those shows where the actors juggle, dance, and create sand art, but then – boom! – a soap bubble tornado hits or smoke rings start to appear everywhere. (Don’t worry, those in the front rows get protective nets.)

The story begins with Mr. B, a regular guy who’s had another rough day at the office. Meetings, deadlines, difficult personalities, the constant stress of cell phones. But then the main mime character (Remember: it’s a musical, there are no spoken lines) happens upon an aquarium and lets his imagination take him to Bubblelandia, an ocean utopia with clown fish, mermaids, seahorses…and countless bubbles of all shapes and colors. The marine life characters are so talented that they can manipulate bubbles so they go inside other ones. They can even create bubbles from existing ones by blowing in them with finesse and skill. Waves, foam, a giant jellyfish, a whale, and other surprises hit the stage, too.

The audience joins Mr. B on the journey. No oxygen tank necessary, members just have to kindle their imaginations and follow the newly effervescent protagonist and the dancers and acrobats that prance around dressed as playful fish.

“B: The Underwater Bubble Show” is a children’s story in reverse. Instead of youngsters growing up, the plot involves an adult who discovers that he still has the childlike abilities to dream and marvel at life’s wonders.

So what about Latvia? This production is hugely popular in the small country nestled by the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe. Famous Latvian composer Valdis Zilvers wrote the original music. The wardrobe was designed by Elita Patmalniece, who also created the costumes for the Latvian National Opera. And Marita Gaidele, the main make-up artist for LNT Latvian Television, took care of cosmetics. Then there’s the creator and main bubble artist, Enrico Pezzoli. He’s actually Italian, but he moved to Latvia in 1997.

Developed over two years, “B: The Underwater Bubble Show” debuted in Italy in 2011. Over the following years, it toured the world, including a swing through the United States in 2016. The troupe is currently on its third U.S. tour, performing in more than 40 theaters over three months.

Colden Auditorium is located at 153-49 Reeves Ave. in the vicinity of Kissena Boulevard and the Horace Harding Expressway in Flushing. Under a new deal, motorists can reserve spots in a nearby parking lot.

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