They’re the new Fab Four, but with much better haircuts.

The Barricade Boys – described as “Il Divo meets Michael Bublé” — will make their New York City debut in Queens on Saturday, April 14, at 3 p.m.

Harmonies will certainly rule the afternoon, and show tunes will be a major focus. However, the audience will also be able to croon to romantic ballads, lip sync operatic arias, and groove to pop tunes.

Plus, the outfits will add a unique flair. Modest England meets flamboyant Hollywood.

Tickets run from $35 to $42.

Founded in 2016, The Barricade Boys currently consist of co-founder Scott Garnham, co-founder Simon Schofield, Lee Honey-Jones, and Alistair Barron. Each member performed in the musical “Les Misèrables,” which broke a world record for longevity in London’s West End, a theater district similar to Manhattan’s Broadway. (“Building The Barricade” and “At the Barricade” are songs from “Les Misèrables.” Much of the musical takes place in barricades in 19th century France.)

Though distinctively British, the group likes to perform its signature “Jersey Boys” medley and has a penchant for many ballads from “West Side Story.” The biggest crowd-pleaser is a unique rendition of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

The Queensborough Performing Arts Center is the presenter, but due to construction at QPAC, the The Barricade Boys concert will take place at St. Louise de Marillac Hall at St. John’s University in Jamaica/Hillcrest. Motorists should enter via Gate 4 at Utopia Parkway near 175th Street and proceed to the adjacent lot for free parking.

Images: The Barricade Boys


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