A government lawyer makes corrections, offers critiques, and rudely interrupts…and it’s absolutely hilarious!

QED Astoria presents The Storrs Objection: Miracles on Wednesday, Dec. 18, at 7:30 p.m.

Part of an ongoing, ever-evolving show, some of NYC’s finest comedians will do stand-up routines while Matt Storrs fact-checks and cross-examines them. In other words, it’s a night that challenges the long-practiced phrase “don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

The theme is miracles (past topics have included fears, music, and wellness). So the jokesters will incorporate everything from Biblical stories to polite New Yorkers to clean subways in their brand new sets. They might bring props or invent new characters.

Storrs (aka The Adjudicator) will be sitting on a table just off stage with a legal pad and notebook. Wearing his special glasses, he might bark out “I object” after hearing certain comments. He also might ask for clarification or simply claim that a statement is false. He estimates that about 75 percent of the entertainment is standard stand-up. The rest is the improvisational bickering.

“It’s always exciting to see what they come up with,” he tells QNS. “It’s added a lot of layers to the show.”

The scheduled performers — Brittany Brave, Ronnie Fleming, Tristan Miller, Linette Palladino, Ricardo Rocha, Jourdain Searles, and Mark Volinski – all have plenty of stage experience. Storrs, who has been described as an “overeducated white male with glasses,” says he chose them because they are quick on their feet, confident, and good at writing.

“There’s a certain background and skills set,” he says. “I found pretty early on they tended not to like somebody to interrupt them.”

In a clear sign of the times, Santa Claus will be on hand to serve as a bailiff. He’ll make sure the holiday season is properly represented in the routines. He’ll also try to keep the proceedings from descending into chaos. (Good luck, St. Nick.)

Tickets cost $7.

As the name suggests, Storrs, whose non-legal resume includes gigs at Sonoma Laughfest and Cinder Block Comedy Festival, invented The Storrs Objection in Phoenix in 2014. He sails this ship, recruiting the talent, choosing the theme, and managing the programs.

The show goes on the road, but it’s also a monthly fixture at QED Astoria, a neighborhood venue that’s heavy on comedy but also hosts everything from trivia contests to poetry slams. One of the night’s scheduled jesters, Brittany Brave, leads improvisational tarot readings there.

QED Astoria located at 27-16 23rd Ave.

Top image: Matt Storrs; Gallery images (l-to-r): Jourdain Searles, Linette Palladino, Tristan Miller


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