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Two Queens restaurants had their liquor licenses suspended last week after violating Governor Andrew Cuomo’s executive order that required bars and restaurants to halt all on-premises food and alcohol services, the New York State Liquor Authority announced on Friday.

The two restaurants — Hangar Bar & Grill, located at 119-11 Metropolitan Ave., in Kew Gardens, and Hangar Astoria Bar & Grill, located at 24-43 Steinway St., in Astoria — share common ownership. From late March to early May, 80 311 complaints were made against the Kew Gardens restaurant while 23 were made against the Astoria location, according to the State Liquor Authority (SLA).

Both locations received multiple warnings and summonses regarding the complaints but both restaurants continued to violate the executive order by selling alcohol in unsealed containers without the purchase of food, while also not enforcing social distancing guidelines, the SLA claims.

“Despite numerous warnings and clear guidance from the SLA, it’s obvious this licensee is simply exploiting the new ‘to go’ privileges and endangering the lives of his employees, police and his community in the process,” SLA Chairman Vincent Bradley said. “The SLA will not hesitate to take immediate actions against licensees who allow patrons to congregate and linger, creating a dangerous environment the governor’s Executive Orders were implemented to avoid.”

The trouble began at the Metropolitan Avenue location when NYPD officers showed up to the restaurant on April 10, after a handful of complaints were made about the restaurant, according to the SLA. The next day, after receiving another complaint, the NYPD arrived at the location to find four patrons inside the bar, the SLA said. The bar owners were issued a warning and the patrons were ordered to leave.

Following several other visits — one of which found over 50 people both inside and outside the bar — the NYPD and SLA conducted a joint operation on May 19, in which and undercover SLA investigator purchased an unsealed alcoholic beverage with the purchase of a bag of chips. The investigator was given permission to drink the beverage inside the bar, according to the SLA. The restaurant was given a summons for violating the executive order, the agency said.

Over in Astoria, Hangar Astoria Bar & Grill was first given a summons on April 25, following numerous complaints regarding patrons consuming alcohol inside the bar and on the sidewalk outside.

About a month later, on May 21, an SLA investigator conducting surveillance on the Astoria bar, found that numerous patrons were drinking inside the bar and directly outside it.

The liquor license suspensions will remain until the case is reviewed in court.

Neither Hangar Bar & Grill nor Hangar Astoria Bar & Grill responded to request for comment.


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